As we age, it is common for fat loss to occur on the bottom of the foot. This can result in pain and burning in the ball of the foot, especially for women who love to wear high heels.

A new treatment remedies this unnecessary pain: Stiletto RX™. With a simple injection into the ball of the foot, collagen growth is stimulated, roviding natural cushioning for each and every step you take. The procedure uses an FDA-approved injectible and provides results with a single treatment. Patients describe the feeling as having 'pillows for your feet.'

The Stiletto RX™ procedure was created by Dr. Suzanne Levine, world-renown podiatrist and pioneer in aesthetic foot procedures. Dr. Levine has practiced in Manhattan for over 20 years, and currently works from her Park Avenue practice Institute Beauté. Drs. Suzanne Levine performs the Stiletto RX™ procedure at Institute Beauté.

For individuals who are unable to travel to her offices in New York to receive this procedure, we highly suggest trying Dr. Levine's Pillows For Your Feet Soft Foot Gels. Inspired by and invented to mimic the same benefits of the Stiletto RX™ procedure but in the form of an affordable, re-usable soft foot gel and shoe insert available for purchase online. To learn more about Pillows For Your Feet for Flats, Stilettos, Men and Women please visit Pillows For Your Feet.